Friday, January 29, 2010

Let me upgrade ya...

*Isaiah and Ryder at Sk8 town* 1/26/2010

Ready for a Blog upgrade?
Yep, that is the cause of the long pause... I decided to change up my blog and turn it into something more useful.
I will still do updates on the family and such but I am going to have more of a main topic that I will stick to. So until I get to that blog makeover, I will fill you in on how the week went.

Sunday afternoon we took the kids to see Avatar in 3D! It was L-E-D-G-E-N-D-A-R-Y.... I am a big fan, it was full of action, romance and morals. *Would not recommend taking a busy 3 year old girl along* The movie is 2 hours and 40 minutes long.
We want to go see it again!
Tuesday evening Tim and Isaiah met me after work and we went out to Port Orchard. Ryder met us at the Sk8 town for his school skate party. The boys had a blast! Ryder introduced Isaiah to his buddies from school and they all skated, fell and laughed together. It was just pure classic entertainment... I think they had more fun falling then skating, but by the last half hour they were jammin on those skates. The boys want to go skating again, so I'm thinking before Isaiah goes back to Tennessee we will go for another round, this time Tim and I will skate too!

Thursday evening was Ryder's very first basketball game ever. He did great, for being a newbie. He had a crowd of fans in the stands to watch and cheer him and his team on. Grandparents, an auntie, a cousin, little sis and two uncles. Thanks for all your support guys!

Tonight will just be a nice relaxing movie night, with a little Rock Band and maybe a dart gun WAR!
Stay tuned for the NEW makeover.... Hoping to get some tips from a friend who is attending a conference next week. Go Jana!

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