Friday, January 15, 2010

What is new?

Just that time to do a little updating on what is new....

Lets see, Ryder started playing basketball for the first time. So we have been busy going to Monday and Thursday evening practices. His Daddy (Miles) and his Uncle (Trent) are his coaches. We are only three weeks into it and I am thinking my son is not too interested with this here sport. We will see how the season goes, they should be starting games real soon.

Ryder is excelling in reading, he has improved so much from October. So I have high hopes he will reach his reading goal by the end of the school year and be just fine. His most recent hobby at home is playing Xbox 360 and Rock band (he jams out on the guitar). That is one of his most favorite items he got for Christmas.

Mazie Lue is still doing her ballet/Tap combo class every Saturday. She will be getting fitted for her costume tomorrow. Her first recital is in June, I can't wait!
As for pre-school it is in the works... She started out in September and it was put to a holt in October when her Dad was laid off work. I gave Mazie her very first hair cut last month... I had no intentions to do it but once I had her hair all flat ironed and strait (my Mazie Lue has a head full of curls) it was not only to her lower back but the ends were very dry and frizzy. So mommy with the support of Auntie Alisa trimmed Mazie's hair, well does 2 inches count as a trim? I didn't want to do it but it had to be done and I'd rather it be me than someone else. Mazie loves her hair strait, she just wants to wear it down.

Last Thursday we got a visit from Isaiah, he is here for a visit from Clarksville, TN. So our weekend was full of excitement, rough play, dart gun wars and video games. I was busy cooking and baking in the kitchen all weekend. Not complaining I love to cook especially with my little helper Mazie Lue by my side, It was great therapy too!
So for the weeks to come we have many of adventures underway and I can't wait to share them with you all.


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