Wednesday, January 13, 2010

My sissy bear......

Alisa and I June 2009

My big sister...
Boy do we have some stories to tell.
My sister and I can always talk about the horriable things she use to do to me and just laugh it off.
Growing up I always looked up to her, well until I was about 14 and was taller than her. Don't get me wrong my sister isstill considered tall 5'9" (pssst I think she shrank too) but when she hangs out with me she feels average with her height.
Lately I have been going through some crudd and my BIG sissy has been there for me so much.
She was just recently living with me through the holidays (Nov-Dec) while she was waiting for her new place to be ready.
I loved having her company during that time. We got so much closer too... She even started to build a relationship with my T.
Those two got along very well, its was actully starting to backfire on me. I realized that those two are so much alike. I think it has to do with them both being the oldest of four. So I had plenty of flash backs of being a kid who was picked on... Gosh my sister and T picked on me so much, I know they both were joking but geez.
So now my sissy moved in to her own place after Christmas and I miss you so much. Now I find myself going to visit her more than I ever did before.
Although we fought a lot, when we were getting along we had the best times together.
My most favorite thing we did together was DANCE. We had dance compititions all the time. Don't get me started on when we got our Kareokee machine for Christmas (thanks grandpa). Now here we are raising kids of our own. She is now 31 and I am 29, my sister has become one of my best friends. She is the one I can call at 1:30 in the morning and say hey I'm coming over and she is there everytime.
We may have had our ups and downs but I am so very blessed to have a big sissy that I can count on, vent to and just cry on her shoulder.
Andrea**** the middle sister****

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  1. Sisters are the best. Andi and I used to fight so much our grandparents wouldn't take us together. They'd spend time with each of us individually, because we faught so much.

    Now she's my best friend and the most fun person to hang out with.