Friday, May 6, 2011

My mumsy!

Meet Denise LoRae AKA my mother...

She was born and raised in Seattle Washington. She graduated from Nathan Hale high school early so she could join the US Navy right after her 18th birthday. She attended A school in San Diego, then went to boot camp in Orlando, Fl and then was stationed in Key West Fl, where she met and married my dad. She was soon stationed in Guam, where she became a mommy on June 3, 1978. Two and a half years later she became a mommy for the 2nd time on November 22, 1980. Eighteen months later she flew half way around the world with two little girls back to Washington.
She is a devoted christian and loves to worship the lord.
Then on June 10, 1986 she became a mommy of three girls. At this time she was a stay home mother of three and did all she could to raise us to be ladies. Three years later she became a mother for the fourth time on August 1, 1989, this time god blessed her with a son. The family was complete!

She is a QUEEN!

My mother with all 4 of her children. Nov 2010
Kellie (#3),Mom, Me (#2), Greg (#4) and Alisa (#1)

She loves sports and really likes to support her local teams.
Basketball is her favorite!

She is a great friend

She has a WONDERFUL sense of humor!
Can't you tell?
This is Denise and she is my beautiful Mother inside and out... She is a loving devoted mother of four and a hard working grandmother of six. I strive to be more like my mother everyday, strong and independent. She is my idol and I would do anything for this woman.
Thank you momma for always making us four kids your #1's. You played both parenting roles and that is why I honor you not only on Mothers day but on fathers day too.
You deserve nothing but the best!


  1. Oh Andrea, what a sweet girl you are!!! I'm so glad my daughter had the family of kids she did.
    Of course, I'm partial to my Grandbabies!! Thanks for saying the things I just love.

    This Grandma loves you AND your Mommy so much!

    Grandma Frog

  2. Wow Andrea! This is precious! Thank you for being such a wonderful daughter to my sissy. I love you so very, very much.
    I think we all strive to be Denise, where we may lack in our own lives. I know I do. My sissy is an amazing woman.

    Auntie Bobi