Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Day 1- P90X and new beginings

So as you can read from the title I have started the P90X program... I started the first day with a bang! I don't think I have ever done that many push ups and pull ups in my whole 30 years of life. I'm just sayin... The nutrition part of the program is not much of a change in my regular way of eating habits. I consider myself a pretty healthy eater and have been for years... So not much to change there.
I decided to do the P90X, well when I saw the infomercial (10x's) and found myself saying I really want to do that. Then about two weeks ago a friend from work, gave me the whole program on DVDs. They sat on my fire place collecting dust the past week...
Yesterday after work the DVDs were finally put to use. I took my 6 before pictures as instructed, I think I will share those later.lol Then I got started with the 50 min Chest and Back DVD, after that I did the Ab ripper X as instructed for Day 1 of the program. My arms are so sore today, but that only means what ever I did is working.
What motivated me to do this was so many things, my lovely muffin top and my co-work Jeff telling me I couldn't do it. So I would like to get rid of the muffin and prove Jeff WRONG. Plus t can help prepare me for the 12k run I am doing in a month and I think having a rocking body at age 30 doesn't sound too bad.
I hope you don't mind following me in this journey of body sculpting for the next 13 weeks... Hey maybe you can join along.

On another note T started his new job at Safe Boats International yesterday. This is his dream job and I am so proud of him. The bonus part is seeing him in his work gear... He so sessy in his carharts and work boots, Oh yeah!
Yesterday was Day 1 for us both, we started new beginnings and we are lucky to have each others support in this journey to excellence

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