Friday, July 17, 2009

My Sweet Bee!

Oh my dear sweet Bee... What I would ever do with out a oh so sweet girl like you?

Yesterday evening I drove out to good ol' Port Orchard to go pick my kids up from Mr. and Mrs. Hunter's home. These two are amazing, wonderful people and we are so very lucky to have them in our lives. Bee (AKA Mrs. Hunter, Brittany) has been a good friend of mine since 2004. When she first met my son Ryder, (who was two at the time) they both fell in love. Bee has always shown my kids love and respect since the day she met them both....

It was so awesome to arrive at their lovely home with my children just as happy as could be. They were just sitting down for dinner, Bee was getting the kids settled at the table and Jon was serving the pizza. After dinner the kids played and played with Bee, jumping on her, wrestling with her and just having a blast. I am so glad Bee still has that energy that I have started to slowly loose in my age. Gosh Ryder was jumping on her back a whole bunch, I think it hurt my back just watching it. Mazie and Ry love playing with Bee's baby Paco (her doggie).

I finally got to see all the wedding photos in black in white in frames and they were just beautiful...

After that Bee and I went outside and had a great heart to heart talk about life and my issues. For someone younger than me (Bee is 24), she has such good advise and wisdom on life, relationships and kids. Bee and Jon have not started their family yet but I know with out a doubt in my mind they will make wonderful parents. I believe this so much that Miles and I are making them our children's godparents. I told Bee on her wedding day that I was just waiting for her to marry that perfect man for her and it was official.

Thank you Jon and Bee for treating my children so well and wanting to take the little rugrats just for the fun of it.
As for the wonderful day at the office I am having...
I know exactly why I do not like talking on the phone.... I just got off the phone with one of the regulars who was talking my ear off for a good 22mins. Now mind you I take around 115 calls a day and that is just on a average. Don't get me started on a busy day when we are short staffed. So for all of you who never get a phone call from me or I text you instead of call this is why, I spend 40hrs a week on the phone. Talking all day, now I can still do that no matter what. Oh and to make my health even worse my lunch sucked! I went over to QFC to get a cup of soup, but no my eyes wondered over to the fried rice behind the glass case at the deli, so what do I do? Ask for some fried rice, then the lady asked "would you like a rice bowl with the sweet and sour pork?" I felt pressured and said um.... OK. Big mistake and a waste of 4.49$. I start to eat it when I got back to my desk and it was horrible, yucky just plain nasty. So now as I sit here writing my blog between helping patients and answering phones my tummy is starting to grumble and make noises as if I have starved it and deprived it from any food all day. So here I am with an hour and thirty minutes left on a Friday afternoon hungry... Thanks QFC!
Have a wonderful weekend to all my peeps...
I will be taking my baby girl to get her 3yr pictures taken.
Packing and getting ready for camping at the ocean next week.
Going out to dance a little with some friends (Saturday)???
And Sunday I will be getting down at the No Doubt and Paramore concert....

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  1. WOW I'm shocked! Full paragraphs all about me... written by some one other than me lol! Jon and I are honored to be God parents of your babies. They bring so much to our lives and we love them. you're an amazing woman Miss Andrea! I hope that you had a great weekend. MWAH, xoxox