Friday, July 10, 2009

Slow Poke...

Well this is my very first blog and I will try to make it interesting... Yeah right me interesting? HA! So the reason for the title SLOW POKE is because that is exactly how this week has been at the office...

We have had only one Doctor in all week except Tuesday (my half day)... Then it was so slow on Wednesday I volunteered to take the afternoon off. That was nice no kids, no T and no appointments. So I just spent some QT on the computer, watched some boob tube, weeded my flower bed, water/fertilized my plants and did laundry. Oh yeah I even snuck a 45 minute nap in too, since I had a headache.
Speaking of headaches, I have had one every afternoon/evening for the past two weeks... Now I am trying to crack that case.? I use to get freaked out when I would feel a headache coming ever since I had Meningitis at age 23, worse pain I have ever had to deal with, I would not wish it on my worse enemy.
Anyway what could be causing these daily aches, I know they are not migraines. Or are they? Gee it could be my stupid IUD I got back in April (that I am so ready to get out), or it could be my job, maybe I am burnt out listening to random people everyday complaining or being just rude. Everyone says drink water, hey guess what I drink water all day long. So what could it be??? Maybe I am having withdrawls from my medication I stopped taking 2 weeks... No it would be out of my system by now or STRESS? As you can tell by my rambling it is extremely slow at the office today. Candice (My co-worker)is keeping me company but she is dealing with her own issues at this moment.
I only have 1hr and 30mins til I am free to start my weekend... Which is going to be the complete opposite of my work week. I will be a busy busy bee....
First I get off work (YES!)
Then its off to Port Orchard (My home town)
Then I go home get all dolled up
go shopping for my lil' Z's 3rd birthday
then more shopping for the party (Food/Decor)
and then T asked me the other day to go dancing with him, he loves to dance and so do I. I am so super stoked about it!
Then early tomorrow morning I will be preparing all the food for the birthday luau party for my baby girl. Then party time!
After that I have a BBQ to attend to see my lovely Coley, Daisy and Brady visiting from Iowa.
Then off to Lake Tapps for antoher Birthday party for T's friend Jenny.
Then Sunday is my lil' Z's 3rd Birthday, and daddy and I are taking her to the Aquarium just us three no big bro (Sorry Ry).
Wonderful weekend ahead!


  1. WHAT!! you got a blog started and didn't mention it YAY for you now I am going to attack you on here too! haha!!

  2. Yeah I know, I just did it on Friday at work... It was so dang slow I figured I would start a blog page and blog about it. I am not the best writer but I love to type and just ramble. Plus its fun to share daily life stories to friends and family or even strangers... I owe it all to you the queen of bloggin!!!