Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Back to School...

Wow what a busy summer of fun, family and so many life changes... (I won't go into detail about some of those life changes)
Ryder finished his 16 day reading program at Summer school. Not sure if it was much of a success but now he just needs to read 20 minutes everyday and I am sure he will catch up. He is super excited to be done and have a normal summer again. He is doing very well in his guitar lessons, he meets with his teacher Tim once every other week and is having a great time learning how to play new songs. Its too cute!

As for me I have been working the past two weeks on getting my stuff together and planning to go back to school to get my AAT in Culinary Arts. I love to cook, it has been a passion of mine since I was 4 years old. The first time I helped my mumsy make breakfast! I come from a line of cooks. Its what we do!
My great grandfather was a chef, he cooked for at least one president if not two. He was also a cook at The Cornish Arms in New York. My auntie Bobi has menus from the places he cooked at.

My mother was a cook in the Navy as well... So I can say its in our blood.
I am super stoked about this program and hope to someday have my very own restaurant/catering company.
First things first is I need to juggle time with my babies, my full-time job and manage to go to school full time for the next two years. Wow! So it has always been a goal of mine, but it has always been so intimidating for me. Since I have had some life changes in the past two months I figured its the best time to focus on me and my goals in life. I mean geez I am almost 29 years old. Don't get me wrong I don't think that is old at all, in fact I still consider myself young... So I know I can do this with or with out help.
I have all my financial aid in the works and now I am just waiting for Clover Park to contact me to go to that next step. Not sure if I will be starting this Fall or Winter, my goal is this winter considering my day job I have.

So step two would be to figure out how to still work and go to school... That may be a challenge but I think a good challenge is what I need in my life right now. Well at least a challenge that will keep me more focused on my future career.

I am also planning to move back to Port Orchard for a few months, mainly to be closer to my kids as Ryder is starting 2nd grade and Mazie preschool. The second reason is to have some alone time to find me and figure out who "Andrea Lynn" really is. I have always had someone to have as a crutch or for security. I want to prove to myself that I don't need that anymore and to be in a relationship I need to love myself and be happy with myself. Its the only way I figure any new or old relationships can work out for the better.

On that note I would love to share my journey with whom ever is out there who can relate with my new life changes...


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