Wednesday, July 15, 2009

A day at the OFFICE...

I work as a medical receptionist for a family practice office. I work with some of the most honest, cooky, serious,fun girly girls I know.
There is Jannell~
She is around my age, she is a wife and a mother of two beautiful kids... Oh and she is a identical twin!
Jannell has been at the Front office the longest almost 7yrs (She is the Veitran). She pretty much hold it all together here, she is the know it all at the Northshore Office for sure. The office wouldn't be the same with out her. She is for sure the best at calling Candice out. LoL
Well today behind our building there was a fire in a shed I had not idea was even there. Well Jannell being the nosey Nora she is went in the shed to see where or what the fire was about, as she waited for the firefighters to get here. Well needless to say it was probably some punk ass kids that hang out in the parking lot skateboarding. Oh that is not all, since Jannell went into a burning shed she came back to the office with a oh so lovely smell... Yes she smelled just like a campfire or better yet a BBQ, hair, clothes and all... So now I am craving a nice BBQ Steak tonight for dinner thanks Jannell. Oh and by the way the Lucky You perfume I let you dowse yourself with to get rid of the hickory smell, did not help much but your still cute!
Then there is my lovely Candice~
Candice is a single vibrant mother of a handsome boy. She has been working at the office for over 2yrs. She is the loud one out of all three of us girls, yes there is someone louder than me.
She is the one with ADD and always has some crazy,funny stories to tell. This morning Candice got pretty much, wait yeah all the crazy, rude and impatient patients that called the office. I thought she was going to blow if she got one more. That is one of the entertaining parts of the job is getting people that act as if they were my daughter not getting her way and just pitching a fit about it. Here we are teaching and raising our children not to act like that "Cause that is not how you get what you want". Not when it comes to customer service... We have learned in our many years in this profession that if you do kick and scream, cry and whine or just be a complete jerk, you in fact do get what you want. Funny how that works, I deal with my 3yr old and sometimes my 7yr old trying to pull that crap with me to get what they want... Then I come to work and deal with grown people acting like a 2yr old pitching a tantrum, and yes they pretty much always get what they want, go figure.
Then there is me;Andrea~
I am known as the really tall one when patients call and can't remember my name. Yes this is true I am the tall one as always, but of course I am called that when I work with two lovely ladies who are both under 5'5". I am the comedian in the office, as always... I was voted best sense of humor in my school days and always the class clown. Poor Jannell has to work with two loud girls with ADD. But I know she wouldn't have it any other way :o)
My day at the office has been pretty laid back, no attitude from anyone, even co-workers. I gotta say its a good day.... At the office that is, if I get that steak dinner I mentioned before it will be a GREAT day!

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