Monday, August 22, 2011

Starting over=New begininnings

I feel like I haven't blogged in a while... wait I haven't! I went one whole week with out blogging and I have numerous excuses why. Last week a lot of changes in my life happened... T started working the night shift last Monday, so I had tons of alone time since my kiddo's were with their dad for the week.   I have kept myself busy packing up the house and preparing to move. I also finally had sometime to catch up with a few friends.
This week won't be as lonely since I have my babes with me... Now I have little helpers to get the downstairs room cleaned and packed up and get stuff ready for a garage sale. I don't plan to take the junk awesome stuff that I can and have been living with out the past few years.
To top it off soccer started for Ryder two weeks ago, he has practices every Monday and Wednesday evenings. Mazie is playing soccer too, she hasn't started yet and I am a bit nervous to see what her practice schedule is. I am praying its on the opposite day as Ryder's or at least the same field on the same day. *Fingers crossed*

Okay enough rambling about some of the "changes" in my life. Lets get to what this post is really about...
A few months back I mentioned in a few posts that I was going to be doing the P90Z program. Welp I tried and I failed! I hate the way failure feels and I really wanted to stick with the 90day plan, but it became to time consuming and didn't work well with my schedule at the time.

The past 6 months I have been having some health issues (I had mentioned some in past posts), but one I wasn't bringing up was my tummy issues. I noticed back in June that I was getting a belly... Not just a little one either, I look as if I am 4 months pregnant. I even started to question how well my Merna (IUD) was working. After every meal my belly would get big and I would feel major discomfort. No matter what I ate or how much I cut back on eating I just can't get the nice tummy I use to have back in my 20's. Is it my age? Is it my metabolism? Either way my healthy way of life took a turn for the worse in the last 3 years. I am ready and willing to fight back and get healthy again.... So I discovered I should try a detox diet. I think if I detox all the crud I have been putting in my body I could just start all over again, eating better, feeling better and working out more often. Getting rid of all the bad toxins in my almost 31 year body sounds like a great plan to boost my health. I found one called the "lemonade Diet" or the "Master Cleanse".  Its basically a detox diet where you drink nothing but this special lemonade drink everyday for 10 days strait. Today was my first day giving it a go...
All day at work I was completely fine drinking my liquid "food". It was when I got off work and had to feed my children.... real food, yummy good smelling food. My mouth was literally watering as I watched my 5 year old devour her huge slice of pizza... It was complete torture...One day down and 9 more to go.
Do I even have the will power to go on with this? Is it going to be well worth it in the end? Will I break down and have some real food? Ugh! The self discipline I use to rock at when it came to my health has dwindled away and I am trying my best to get it back. I am ready to feel healthy again and start over by eating and cooking all the wright foods that will help me and my family all around.
Here goes nothing people... The only thing I ask from you dear  friends and family is a little support.
I can do this and its going to be well worth part of my "new beginning".
Wish me luck!
Btw... I am trying to avoid all food blogs until I can get my discipline back in action. Unless they are super healthy ones. ;)
To be continued....

PS. Getting old is hard work... I embraced 30, but as 31 is approaching real soon I am taking it hard.

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