Wednesday, August 3, 2011


My baby brother Greg set off last Sunday (7/24/11) on a trip of a lifetime to Accra, Ghana Africa. He is with a group from his school (University of Washington). I plan to write more in the near future, but I just had to share some pictures and just say a little about how much this man means to me.

My brother and his group of UW peeps at the beach~Ghana, Africa
 My brother just celebrated his 22nd birthday on Monday (8/1). I can't even begin to describe how proud I am of him. The bond we share as siblings and friends is one of the best relationships I have ever had with anyone. We are so much a like in so many ways and yes we look very much a like too. So I am sure just by looking at the pictures you can tell which one is my brother... Hint I am tall girl so its a given my bro is the tall boy. *wink*

Gregory in Ghana, Africa~8/2011
  He is spending a month in Africa and will be back to Washington the end of this month. I did get a chance to spend time with him before he left on his big journey... Him, Mazie and I went out for dinner and had a great time.
 I am so glad my brother is living his life to the fullest.... Not only does he get to travel and go on exciting adventures, (this time last year he was in Argentina for a month) but he is also going into his senior year at UW and is going for his MBA. He is a smarty pants!lol
My handsome bro living the good life in Africa
Happy 22nd belated birthday to my brother... Its so exciting to see you fulfill your dreams!

More pictures and interviews from the traveler to come! stay tuned my people....

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