Monday, November 22, 2010

November 22, 1980

I was born November 22nd 1980 in Agana, Guam. I was born during a tropical storm at 3:16pm. My mom says she fell in love instantly when she saw my BIG dimples. I am the only one of her 4 children with these and I am the 2nd born. As a little girl my mom always made my birthday so special. Every 6 years my birthday will fall on Thanksgiving, I hated having it on the holiday when I was younger. I remember my 9th birthday being on Thanksgiving, my mom said they are having a parade just for you. Yeah right! As I got older and my 21st birthday fell on Thanksgiving I started not to mind at all. We now celebrate my birthday on Thanksgiving since that is when all the fam get together. My mom always makes my favorite Strawberry cake to have along with her yummy pies.

This birthday was a big one for me. Yep I am now the big three oh or some say the dirty thirty. My wonderful friend Jae threw me a awesome party on Saturday. All my favorite people came to celebrate. We watched the UFC fights and then my favorite Karaoke. I sang a few songs but I only remember one, sorry Maria *wink* I felt so special and loved, I never had anyone throw me a party before for my birthday. After a nice long night of singing and dancing and shots! My fav for the night was the Barbie shot, yum! I wasn’t saying that yesterday during my

Today on my 30th I woke up to snow, it has been snowing all day here. I am NOT a fan of snow. Don’t get me wrong I like to play in it, look at it and stay inside snuggled up. I just can’t stand to drive in it. I even have a Jeep with 4wheel drive… I get the biggest anxiety attacks when I have to drive in it. EEEEK! Other then that it is very beautiful.

I am thankful and blessed that I made it to 30 and I am so excited to be done with my 20’s, they were fun but I’ve heard thirty’s are even better. So instead of sulking about getting older I am embracing it. I left the tears to my son, he cried because I was turning thirty *wink* I told him “hey buddy someday you’ll turn thirty. It happens to all of us, And when you turn thirty I will be 51”. That is when I’ll start the tears. :)

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