Thursday, November 18, 2010

My son-Part 1

To celebrate my son's ninth birthday I decided to write this story~

The day I went into labor with my son:
I was waken by the first contraction, I knew it was the real deal since it was way stronger then a braxton hicks. It was 5:30am on Saturday November 17th (2001). All day I did my regular activities since my contractions where not 5 minutes apart. They were more like 8 and I was having back labor. For those of you who have experienced back labor you know how unbearable it is. Ouchy!
We finally arrived to the hospital at 3:30am Sunday November 18th. They got me strait to a room and hooked my belly up with the monitors. As soon as the nurse hooked me up to that, she notices right away that the baby’s heart was going down every time I had a contraction. She didn’t make it a big deal and went on talking about her double shift she was currently working. What?!? She broke my water as she checked me and said I was dilated to a one. What? A one and I have been in labor for almost 24 hrs. Dear lord!
About 2 hrs later they gave me my epidural, and I was only at a two. But I finally got to rest and sleep for once…..
Then I was awakened by my nurse who was telling me her shift was over and I would be getting a new nurse. Whatev! Fell back to sleep…. I was awaken again by my new nurse (guardian angel is more like it) she introduced herself and proceeded to check the monitor strip. She then calmly told me the baby was in distress. I really didn’t understand since I was half asleep. She put an oxygen mask on me and said she was calling my doctor. He got there in 15mins; thank god he lives close to the birthing center.
He took one look at the monitor strip and said get her ready for a c-section.
That is when I freaked!!! "No" I cried, "I don’t want a c-section!" I cried some more and more. I was so scared, and on top of that I had heartburn from hell. They prepped me for the surgery. They told us only one person could go in the OR with me. I wanted my mommy of course, but Miles came in with me since it was his baby
The nurse told our family they were going to start the C-section at 9:15am. They wheeled me past my family as I was taken to the OR.
As soon as I got there the babies heart went WAY down. That is when everything got crazy. They started my c-section right away. As soon as they took the baby out, I heard no cry, I kept asking is it a boy? Nobody would answer me, they were all were tending to my son whom was not breathing. They bagged him (baby CPR) and took him away to the nursery where he was put in an oxygen bubble. Of course I made his daddy go with him. This whole situation put me in shock, they had to sedate me and strap my arms down. Apparently I was trying to help them get my baby out. Everything happen so fast, my son was born at 9:12am on Sunday November 18th 2001. He was 8lbs 11oz and 22in. I didn’t get to see my son until I could wiggle my toes, gosh that was frustrating since I was numb from my chest down. It took me hours to move my big toe, and then I was off to the nursery to see my baby for the first time. He was still in the oxygen bubble; he had wires, IV’s and monitors all over him. He was perfect and had the best kissable lips. I couldn’t hold him; all I could do was touch him.
So after 9 long months of having my son with me at all times, we were separated for the first time.

To be continued….

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