Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Party planning!

Party Planning is my favorite...
Last month I put on a big birthday bash for my Mumsy's 53rd birthday. It was just spactacular to do for her since she had not had a birthday party since she was a little girl. It was a Rock Band partay! We mingled, ate a yummy variety of foods, played ROCK BAND, games, took tons of pictures and devoured my homemade cheese cake. I gave my mumsy a new much needed camera for her birthday. My mumsy use to be into photography when I was a little girl. She took classes at the Community College in Bremerton when I was 3 years old. I was her model for her photos and her art work. She always called me her ham, cause I loved the camera. I couldn’t afford to get her a fancy dancy camera like the one she had back in the 80’s, but this one will do for now while she enjoys her many travels and adventures.
A quote from the party girl: "Thanks again for having it. Lots of fun was had. Folks still talking about it."-Denise Jackson

This month I am planning three parties, two baby showers and one Sensaria party.
The first shower will be for my baby girl Dani (no she is not a baby, its just my nickname for her) her shower is this Thursday evening. Poor girl showed up a week early for her shower. Last Thursday as I am leaving the dentist with my kids, I get a text from her saying: "There isn't a table reserved and where are you?". Hahaha I had to giggle, poor sweet pregnant girl forgot when her own shower was. When I called her out on it (nicely) she responded "Oh I am so stupid" and I said "No your just pregnant". Her shower is going to be pretty low key, its pretty much co-workers here at Multicare. I will be hosting it at Moctezuma’s in Gig Harbor, which is a popular meeting place for us employee’s in the Family Practice department.

My Sensaria party is on St. Patrick’s day, I am calling it a Working Women's Wednesday partay. So you can only guess what the theme is? Yes my home is all decorated with green shamrocks, teddy bear leprechauns with their pot of gold, a fancy table cloth and I am all stocked up with festive St. Patty’s day cups and plates. The menu for the evening will be Corn beef, cabbage, red potatoes, Irish soda bread and beer, gotta have the green beer or at least some Guinness. We will enjoy all this Irish delight along with foot scrubs, facials and trying out all the spa products Sensaria has to offer. My best friend Brittany is a new consultant for Sensaria and I am hosting a party for her to help build her clientele. If you are interested in Sensaria please catch Brittany Hunter on her blog https://securemail2.multicare.org/exchweb/bin/redir.asp?URL=http://www.brittanysdance.blogspot.com/ or on her Sensaria website https://securemail2.multicare.org/exchweb/bin/redir.asp?URL=http://www.sensaria.com/brittanyhunter

The second baby shower is going to be huge! This one is for my long time friend Courtney, she is expecting TWINS!!! A boy and a girl so this will be super exciting. I will be planning the games and decorations along with my long time girlfriends Charlyne and Jennifer. Here is a little story about us four friends. We all met in 2nd grade (1988) in Girl Scouts, we were cute little Brownies. I will have to post a story on that along with some awesome pictures to bring us all way back in time. I am excited and honored to be a part of this party planning.

To be continued on the out come of these upcoming parties….

***What are some of your favorite shower games to play?

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