Monday, February 8, 2010

Empty nest... for now!

Tim and Isaiah are in Memphis safe and sound hanging out at the Double Tree Hotel. It has a indoor pool and Tim said it is really nice...but they don't have swim trunks and Tim's luggage is headed to Nashville without him. They are stuck in Memphis until tomorrow morning. So hopefully the weather will permit them to make it to Nashville safe and sound. I wish I could be there with them.

I said see ya later to Mazie and Ryder this morning before work. I got to have them for a extra night, they got to come with me to the airport late last night. It was nice cause then the boys got to say their goodbyes. Ryder wants to go visit Isaiah so bad, he really wants to go on a airplane ride too.
Now I am enjoying my time at work... When I get off today I will be joining my good friend Jeni and her hubby Jeff at a place called Waynes in Puyallup. Our friend Jill is doing a fundraiser there tonight from 5-7pm, she will be bar tending to help raise money for cancer research. All her tips and money made for the night will go to the charity, we are all going to support her (since she has never bar tended in her life). GO JILL!!!
So while I have a big empty house all to myself I am going to start going through my many boxes of pictures and start scrap booking again. I am also going to be planning a birthday party for my mumsy... Her Birthday is next Friday so that gives me about two weeks to get it all organized. I am giving her a ROCK BAND party, she is very excited about this event. I will keep you posted on how my planning goes and my scrap booking new beginnings...


P.S. Still working on that upgrade :)

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