Thursday, February 25, 2010

My letter...

To whom it may concern,

I am writing you today to share my experience with your retail store. I have struggled since I reached 5'8" at age 13 to find jeans/pants long enough to fit me. So when I discovered in 2005 that your store "Tall Girl" was a new addition to the Tacoma Mall here in Washington I was excited to take a look inside. My first experience in your store was great, Tall Girl was really truly for girls like me who have a 38" inseam. I purchased slacks for work, tights, sweat pants and jeans at your store. I even had family and friends give me gift cards for your store. It was a place I could shop and not feel so abnormal about my size.

Much to my surprise when I went to shop there two Saturday's ago I was in total shock to see Tall Girl has closed down... I didn't know where to go? Old Navy? The Gap or Nordy's? Where do I go to find that perfect 38" fit? Your store was the one and only, a one of a kind. I know I can shop on line at Tall Girl, but its not the same. Just like any other girl in this world I like to try my jeans on and make sure they look good from every angle. I can't do that on line!

I really miss the store and hope one day all the other retail stores in the mall can catch on to something Tall Girl had going for them. There are Tall girls out here in this world and we like to try on our pants too.

Thank you for your time and I hope to hear back from you on any suggestions you may have for a 6'0" long legged girl like me.


Andrea Mannon

So what do you think? I sent this letter to them yesterday afternoon, not sure what I want the out come to be? I guess I just want to be heard.
I did however get a catalog in the mail: Long tall sally. I figured okay this is Tall Girl's way of saying sorry we closed but here is a catalog. So I thumbed through it to see what they had to offer. Tons of cute clothes and I found a pair of skinny jeans that I really wanted... But NO the longest inseam they offer is 36". That just put me on a whole new mission!

To be continued......


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  1. I like to be heard too! I'm proud of you for writing a letter... who know where it will go. With the economy over the last 2 years lots of businesses are closing... sorry Tall Girl was one of them :(