Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Tall Girl...

I am in much need for a shopping spree!
There is always a dilemma for me to shop for pants though... If you didn't know by now I am a super tall chick, with abnormally long legs.
What I mean by abnormal is exactly that... My inseam is 38", can you find that in your shopping mall? Well I never could either..
I always either searched and found 36" jeans (usually men's Levi's) or I would just have short pants that barely came to my ankle.
So I was extremely happy when capri pants came back in style... I work as a Medical Receptionist and I have to dress the part. So it is extremely difficult to find slacks that are long enough. So I own many of skirts, cause you can't go wrong with those... Unless they are skirts that go down to a average persons knees, those skirts look like mini skirts with these long legs.
So shopping for jeans, slacks and even sweats is a challenge for me big time... Until I found a store in the mall called "Tall Girl".
That store was made just for special gals like me! They only carry pants from 36"-38" inseam, I love it! The only down fall is they are very pricey. I won't mention the prices, I will just say I shop there once a year and only purchase one or two things at a time. So I figured it was that time of year for me to go get some pants... BTW they do have everything there from dresses, shirts, capri’s, maternity clothes, lounge wear and nylons.
When I was preggo with my two babies I had 2 pairs of maternity pants (Jeans and slacks) those were high waters on me… So what, tall women don’t get pregnant? So I was super excited to see they had maternity clothes too. One of the best parts is their nylons and tights they fit my legs perfect. In the past I would just wear thigh highs with my garter belt (super sexy) but regular nylons and tights (even if they say tall) never fit me.
So I think I will treat myself to a shopping spree at my store “Tall Girl” and get myself some leggings (the ones I have are capri’s on me-Target) and a new pair of slacks for work. I like going to that store cause its all tall girls shopping in there and even the employees are tall ladies 
I LOVE my height, it has so many advantages and my only disadvantage is what I was ranting about in this post. When you are 6’ like me and have a boyfriend who is
6’5”(He makes me feel short hehe) I have no shame in wearing heels and feeling comfy with my length.
If you’re a tall chick like me and have a hard time finding pants check out their site

Didn't have a full size pic of me showing off my long legs but I will certainly post one soon.
Andrea *AKA Legs*

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