Tuesday, December 1, 2009

4 day weekend.........

Back to work we go...
Thanksgiving was very calm for me. I woke up with no kids, only had to get myself ready for the day.
To start it off I cut myself shaving, then I fell down my stairs racing out to my jeep to get my make-up bag. Yeah you read that right I fell/slipped, I hope you realize what a long way done that is for a tall gal like me to fall. Its all good I landed on my big bum, pulled my groin and hit my elbow and shoulder on the stairs. I will explain about my clumsiness later, November was my month of cuts, bruises and falls.

I then managed to get up and take care of making my fabulous Sweet Potato casserole dish. Sped off to Mom's and was there just in time to help out with the cooking. My mother and I love to be in the kitchen together, we both just laughed and talked. Dinner was great it was just Mom,Alisa,Kellie,Greg, Me and my 2 nieces. It was very calm and quite, which is not the norm for the Jackson family.
Later I went and picked up my little ones from their Dad and took them back to my mom's to see the family for a bit and have some sweet potato pie.
We called it a early night, so I could get up at 4:30 to set off to do some black Friday shopping...
One word to explain black Friday.... Crazy!!!
I brought Tim along with me and he had a rude awakening on what it was all about... Crowds,lines and sold out. Just put it this way, I will be doing my black Friday shopping solo from now on. Or try and pull the all niter...
After all the shopping madness, I went home and made the family crepes for breakfast and made Pumpkin and Chocolate cream pies. This is how I do my black Friday, I make my thanksgiving dinner... I made a Turkey, Sweet potato's, mashed potato's, oyster stuffing, and plain stuffing, gravy, asparagus,corn, rolls and Mac n Cheese. We have tons of left overs, got to love that.
I also got all my house Christmas decor up (minus the tree) and started putting the out side lights up on the house. Our house is huge so it is a process...
Hope you all had a wonderful thanksgiving and hope you survive the holiday season.


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