Friday, September 4, 2009

Dancing Machine....

Good afternoon~

So I am super duper excited about my Mazie's dance class... She starts next Saturday at Just For Kicks dance studio. So next on the to do list is to go get her leotards, tights, PINK ballet shoes and black tap shoes. This will be a fun thing for mommy and Mazie to go out and do. I hope she really enjoys taking dance.

As a little girl I always begged my mom to put me in Tap... I would even try or pretend to tap with my fancy church shoes. You girls know what I am sayin. It never happened, my family was into the sports scene. It was either softball or basketball. So the day I found out I was going to have a little girl, that was the second thing that came to my mind... Dance! You may not want to know the first thing that came to mind.LOL

So here we are preparing for my little sweetie's ballet/tap class. I can't wait to see my little Mazie Lue looking all cute with her dance attire and her long curly locks pulled up in a bun. Oh yes mommy will be there every time camera in hand.

*For those who were wondering; I did go to urgent care the other night and my rib pain is still a mystery... So if it is still there next week, I will have to take this to my regular doc. So no dancing for me at this time! :o)



  1. Oh I want to come watch sometime! You know me, I love your kids! Dance/ballet is one of my fondest memories, I know my mommy was always proud, just as you will be. I love you too and we can catch up any time. I'm going home tonight or tomorrow, so just give me a ring! XOXOXO

  2. Rib pain??? what? I am excited for Mazie, I dont know what the studio is like, but when I danced they didnt allow parents to get too involved because the kids would get too wound up... I hope they let you take lots of pics I cant wait to see them!!