Monday, November 7, 2011

Cookin with Zie~Pork Stew~

Zie chopping carrots her favorite, I think she ate a whole carrots as "I" cut the bite size pieces.
Zie loves to be in the kitchen. Makes me smile with my heart.
She took this onion on like a champ, and I think having glasses helped protect her
Yum pork stew *See recipe link below*
She had a story to tell about celery, peanut butter and raisins. ANTS on a LOG! I remember having those when I was her age.
Making biscuits... and Zie insists on doing it all on her own.
Pouring the milk...
And kneading the dough... She is a pro!
Rolling out the dough... I am so blessed to have a side kick in the kitchen.
Cutting each biscuit out perfectly.
Wallah... Zie's first home cooked Stew and Biscuits.
Of course left overs are packed up for T's meal to go.

Here is the recipe I kinda sorta followed beef/pork stew. One thing about me as I cook and teach Zie as well, is that we just do our own thing as we go along and use the recipe as a reference (prep times).  I pretty much "followed" this link here and used cubed pork instead of beef.

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