Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Four Eyes...

A month ago I took my kiddos in to have their Well Child Checks at their pediatrician. Its a yearly thing we get to do every August. At this visit Mazie didn't do so well on the eye chart test. You know the one where they just have shapes for a 5yr old to read off to the nurse. Yup! My daughter was squinting one of her eyes (right) to read the chart. Mazie was then referred to a ophthalmologist who specializes in wee ones.

Still super cute.... I mean AWESOME!
Mazie and I went to see Dr. Rice (awesome lady). Mazie had a real eye exam and was diagnosed with Amblyopia...Meaning-UNEQUAL FOCUS/REFRACTION ERROR: Retractive errors are eye conditions that are corrected by wearing glasses. Amblyopia occurs when one eye is out of focus because it is more nearsighted, farsighted, or astigmatic than the other.
Showing off her muscles.
In Mazie's case her Left eye is way more farsighted then her Right. Dr. Rice says she will need to wear glasses at all times to hopefully correct the Right eye in due time. Mazie's first response was... I want Iron Man glasses! What a shocker.lol Dr. Rice already saw my daughter's kick ass personality and said she didn't have to wear the glasses when she was being "rambunctious".
That weekend I took Mazie for her very first glasses fitting/shopping. She picked out these AWESOME frames... Around here we don't use the word "cute". I think they fit her personality perfect. It took a few days for her to get use to wearing them. The first day she had them I caught her chewing on the ear part thingy's and touching the lenses so much she kept telling me "mommy its foggy". Typical Mazie.lol She did pick out a 2nd pair and they should be here in a few weeks. With a busy five year old like mine you need a back up pair. :)

Glasses or no glasses she still has her SWAG!

Here she is my glasses wearing awesome girl... She got her glasses a week before she started kindergarten. Perfect!

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